24 Must-visit hidden destinations

February 9, 2018

There is a list of famous attractions that everyone dreams of viewing. In fact, this list keeps growing almost every month because people discover new places, interesting sights or exciting activities. Just like The Eiffel Tower or The Vatican City, these 25 places to visit will definitely take your breath away. Many of these places are still only known to locals and not much in the world of tourism.

So read our blog about 25 destinations that still haven’t emerges in the map of tourism, get out your travel journal, write out the places you wish to see from this list and set about ticking them off one by one after a visit. If you have already been to any of these places then lucky you, keep traversing more of these destinations and you will see how gloriously nature paints its vistas.

1. Climb the ‘Stairway to Heaven’

Where? Oahu, Hawaii

The Haiku stairs is a sloped pathway leading uphill at the side of a cliff rigged with a wooden ladder. The sheer height of the trail has earned it the name ‘stairway to heaven’. Although, it’s not open to the public, many wondering tourists have climbed it and boasted about the stunning views from the summit.

2. Dive into the ‘Enchanted River’

Where? Hinatuan River, Mindanao Island, Philippines

This saltwater river is ideal for a dive or some snorkelling because of its clear turquoise water. It also teases the mind because the river seems to start from the middle of nowhere.

3. Hike through the ‘crooked forest’

Where? Western Poland

The site you will see in this forest will definitely confuse you. Every single one of the 400 pine trees have grown with a 90 degree curve at the base. What amazes even more is that the cause of this phenomenon is still a mystery that not even scooby doo can solve.

4. Trek through the multicoloured valley

Where? Jiuzhaigou Valley, North Sichuan, China

Picture quaint Tibetan villages and cascading waterfalls pooling at clear-bottom lakes in various colours. This undiscovered territory of Sichuan spans a staggering 180,000 acres.

5. Soak in the springs of Sulphur City

Where? Rotorua, New Zealand

This city is famous for its thermal springs, geysers and boiling mud pools, thus the nickname. If you are not a big fan of all the heaty stuff you can try some water sports in any if the city’s 17 lakes.

6. Visit the biggest deepwater coral reef on earth

Where? Lofoten Islands, off Norway coast

Occupying a slice of the arctic circle is this archipelago’s rich coral reef. Apart from showcasing a diverse range of corals it is also home to aquatic animals like puffins, otters, moose and more.

7. Walk through a field of daffodils

Where? Hitachi Seaside Park, Ibaraki, Japan

This 470-acre large reserve promises flowers that bloom throughout the year. A walk through its field of daffodils or burning bush plants will put you face-to-face with vistas that will steal your speech.

8. Admire the beauty of a saline lake

Where? Pangong Tso Lake, Himalayas

Situated at the base of the himalayan mountain range between Tibet and India is this saline lake surrounding with scenes in contrasting colours. The cobalt blue water flanked by a backdrop of ochre-yellow mountains are a treasure for every photography buff.

9. View still waterfalls

Where? Apostle Islands, Lake Superior (wisconsin shore)

The archipelago of 22 islands is stuffed with caves through which rivers run. Kayak through these caves and observe the icicles that adorn the roofs of these caves. Or better yet, visit during winter and spot waterfalls frozen in time.

10. Visit a tribe excluded from all technology

Where? Rumbur Valley, Pakistan

The Kalash tribe celebrate harvest festivals that attract both local and foreign crowds. What makes this indigenous tribe even more interesting is their life-long detox from the modern world, be it electricity, newspapers or phones.

11. Come across oysters with black pearls

Where? Rangiroa Atoll, French Polynesia

The sea off this circular atoll encloses salt-water oysters that create black pearls. In addition to that, its waters are thriving with sea life like manta rays, dolphins , hammerhead sharks and green sea turtles. It is also one of the world’s best places to scuba dive.

12. Walk through a desert that transforms into a field of daisies

Where? Namaqualand, Namibia and South Africa

Even the sahara desert was once a flourishing forest. Although we never had the chance to witness that, there is definitely another desert that transforms from barren to beautiful. During spring the 600 miles stretch of desert takes on the hue of white and orange. This colour is because of the daisies that grow there at that time of the year creating a breathtaking backdrop one would ever see throughout their existence.

13. Look up at stone towers

Where? Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve, Wulingyuan, China

Run off to the Tianzi Mountains to surround yourself with stone towers and fluffy clouds, a scene that is so surreal it could have made an appearance in a fairytale. These tower-shaped vertical rock protrusions are a sight to behold and the area is regarded as one of the most scenic and untouched (because it’s never filled with tourists) spots in the world.

14. Skuttle through a beach surrounded with sand dunes

Where? Jericoacoara Beach, Ceará, Brazil

In the northeast of brazil is one of the world’s most prettiest beaches that is secluded from the rest if the country by miles of sand dunes. The soft white sand, the mellow water and picturesque blue lagoons all add to the beauty of this hidden spot.

15. Enjoy in a real desert oasis

Where? Huacachina, Peruvian Desert

Many Arab folktales have spun the beauty of a desert oasis, but none have got the privilege to view it. This is soon to be a story of the past as you visit the tiny oasis resort in the southwest region of Ica. Constructed around a tiny lake, the resort town is famous desert activities like dune buggying, sand boarding etc while also boasting views of the blue cooling water.

16. Whale watch from an island

Where? San Juan Islands, Washington Coast

Layers and layers of mountains, shrubbery and fields add dimension to the scenery in this island. Breathtaking scenery isn’t the only plus, visitors can also admire its beauty from afar while sea kayaking or admire its other visitors while whale watching.

17. Stroll the corridors of a 400-year-old church

Where? Italy

Underneath a 400 year old Roman Church is the Capuchin Crypt, one of Italy’s most spookiest attractions. What gives the church a spooky factor? The intricate patterns created on the walls by nailing the skeletal remains of 3700 bodies.

18. Spot glaciers and winter animals

Where? Svalbard, Norway, North Pole

Wedged in the center of winter lands, this archipelago is famous for its picturesque fishing villages, chances of spotting whales, polar bears, reindeer and other marine animals. This is budding into a major travel destination because of the gorgeous winterscapes and winter wildlife.

19. Peek at the ‘doorway to hell’

Where? Derweze, Turkmenistan

The crater created by Russian geologists in 1971 while excavating for natural gas resulted in a fire that has been burning for more than four decades. This fire was projected to last only a few days but has since been burning, earning the nickname ‘doorway to hell’.

20. Be amazed at spectacular marble pillars

Where? Ranakpur, India

This marble Jain temple has more than 1440 pillars. However, it’s not the number of pillars that make it a sight to see, but the uniqueness of every pillar from the other. Yes, every marble pillar is carved with a different pattern.

21. Enter an ancient salt mine

Where? Salina Turda, Transylvania, Romania

Attracting tourists since the 90s this salt mine’s origins go all the way back to the 17th century. To make visits even more exciting the cavern houses an amphitheatre and has a carousel ride too.

22. Climb the Magnetic hill

Where? New Brunswick,Canada

The optical illusion that is magnetic hill gives you the feeling that you are travelling uphill. Locals claim that even if the vehicle is put in neutral gear it will climb the slope. How cool is that for a tease?

23. Spot wildlife in a reserve the size of Denmark

Where? Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania

Situated in the southern reaches of this African country, the selous reserve spans 21,000 square miles. Regarded as the second largest game reserve in the continent because of its size, which is twice as a big as Denmark, it is however unexplored. Only quarter of its park are open to tourists who visit its territory to spot the various wildlife species in it.

24. Cool off on the beach of the ‘Dead Sea’

Where? ölüdeniz, Turkey

The village at close proximity to the dead sea is ideal for kayaking, paragliding and even hiking. The high salt content in the sea causes salt to crystallize on all surfaces that come in contact with the water, creating some of the most stunning landscapes. This highly photographed Mediterranean beach is also a nice spot to drink in some sun and sea breeze.