9 top rising destinations

February 13, 2018

As we continue to explore the world, it just gets bigger with unknown destinations showing up in the radar and offering their stunning beauty, breathtaking nature, heady culture, mouthwatering culinary scene and addictive character to all those who wish to travel out of the box. This blog includes top 9 destination that have just been identified by the tourist community or are making a resurgence for all the amazing things they have to offer.

1. Cambodia

Cambodia is where the ancient and modern combine to form a magically authentic experience. Ancient Cambodia exposes one to the Angkor Wat (remains of the mighty khmer empire) which rivals the best like petra or Machu Picchu. There is more to cambodia than its temples, which you will encounter in modern Cambodia. The capital of Phnom Penh might be chaotic but is applauded for its outstanding wining and dining front, its picturesque location beside a river and its cultural resurgence after years of political instability and bloodshed. Siem Reap also attracts with its chic contemporary cafes and thriving nightlife. For those who want to experience Siem Reap before it became a tourism favorite head to Battambang where a flourishing art scene and stunning french architecture awaits. For the more adventurous lot, Cambodia’s upcountry or cardamom mountains promises wildlife sightings and loads of ecotourism possibilities. Head to rural cambodia to revel in the serenity of lush rice fields and sugar canes. Journey to the Mekong River to spot the region’s remaining freshwater dolphins. When leaving cambodia it’s not just the Eighth Wonder of the World (Angkor Wat) you’ll remember, but also the optimism and infectious smiles of its inhabitants.

2. Bolivia

Throbbing with the energy of a flourishing destination, the country’s nature is otherworldly, rocks and ravines challenging and months colored with cultural festivals. Bolivia is also home to the southern hemisphere’s Iceland, the Salar de Uyuni salt flats, which showcase breathtaking scenery. It is definitely not for the light-hearted; paraglide over the La Paz Valleys, scale the mighty Andean peaks or walk down the most dangerous trail to the Yungas, Bolivia will challenge you to be more daring. Mingle with the world’s largest indigenous population with community-focused tourism or their colourful festivals and parades that honor deities and important dates. Being a new specimen to scientific research, Bolivia’s unique wildlife is being uncovered yet. Set foot in the terrains of the poisonous coral snake or the caves of tube-lipped nectar bats or jungles of the rare bluebird and different species of macaws. The food scene of this south American country is as unique as its wildlife. Sip quinoa beer or chirimoya (custard apple) juice, tuck into a llama tenderloin or warm your palette with cunapes (cheese bread balls).

3. Tasmania

Tasmania’s rough edges are enhanced by rugged terrains, a budding art scene, delicious wines that rival the best and it’s foodie outlook. Conjure up the history of Tasmania at Port Arthur or the harbourside. Admire historic architecture in ancient monuments like bridges built by convicts at Richmond and Campbell town. Drive across Tasmania sampling some Of The best produce like exclusive seafood, truffles, stone fruit and delicious cool-climate wines. After tasting these produce, make sure to head to a top-notch restaurant to witness how these produce are transformed into award winning dishes. Festivals are Tasmania’s middle name with the country hosting everything from music to food and wine festivals. Join in on the celebrations to experience the buzzing atmosphere and photogenic cityscapes. For those wilderness and nature lovers, Tasmania doesn’t disappoint you! Hike through lush forest trails punctuated with waterfalls or kayak through the raging river for a dose of nature. For wildlife, you can observe penguins at dusk, spot dolphins and seals or the native Tasmanian devil at nightfall.

4. Faroe islands

Lying between Iceland, Norwegian Fjords and Scottish highlands these 18 piece jigsaw puzzle of islands belong to Denmark but owns a language, culture and currency of its own. Although it’s entire population totals to a minute 50,000, it’s premium access to world-class seafood has given rise to fabulous restaurants including one with Michelin star. Everywhere you go, the scenery will stun you; in the wild it will be surreal mountainscapes or gracefully cascading waterfalls, in the city it will be grass-roofed churches and multicoloured houses. Even it’s animal inhabitants like the sheep, puffins and Faroese pony are silent creatures. Oh, and it’s music scene is definitely bound to catch you by surprise.

5. Aysen, chile

The untouched places always bring out more adventure and Auden is the epitome of untouched adventure. It’s remarkable snow-capped mountain tops, rugged fjords, dense rainforest and suspended glaciers are ideal spots to escape the crowds and will make you enjoy isolation. To enjoy a go-with-the-flow vacation, this is the place to be. It’s unpredictable weather and a highway that’s in the construction process demands a price of patience for all the stunning vistas it offers for everyone who dares to cycle through the unbeaten paths.

6. Milan

Once a stopover city, Milan has come out bigger and bolder with its breathtaking european architecture, stunning skyline studded with star-architect buildings and delicious Italian cuisine. In simple it’s a bookmark of design (from architecture to fashion) and sophistication. The world is excited about the Silos/Armani museum, the variety of trade fairs and the showrooms of every top designer that is located in Milan. Possessing the treasure trove of 20th century art and foreseeing an ambitious future, the city is soon to house headquarters of Google, apple and microsoft. However, it is still able to offer a heady amalgamation of fine ingredients with five-star cooking techniques that sing on your palette. This city has picked up its pace and it shows no signs of slowing down.

7. Egypt

The red sea flanked with barren desert beauty, the rising minarets of mosques that showcase islamic architecture, tutankhamun’s tomb in the valley of the kings and the stunning masterpieces at Abu Simbel are just a dot in the vast ocean of Egypt’s history and character. Aptly named the gift of the Nile, the city has so much to offer the world. Egyptian civilization and history is a topic of interest and awe for many a travellers. One of the best ways to see these monuments from afar is a Nile cruise, a cruise along the winding river which is the reason for Egypt’s fertile land. If you want to get more close, choose horse riding around the great sphinx or exploring the ancient pyramids with Egyptologists.The continuous bout of political stability is attracting even more travellers, but the favourite attractions manage to remain uncrowded. This makes it possible for travellers to connect and truly comprehend the place their visiting, its history and beauty. Egypt’s treasures are not just a thing of the past as a pharaoh’s head and a historic pyramid were uncovered in the summer of 2017. It doesn’t matter how many times one visits Egypt, it will always have something new to stun its travellers.

8. Malawi

Crowd-free safaris, reserves with successful animal relocation attempts and national parks rich with wildlife will give you exciting encounters with the animal kingdom. The extensive banks of Lake Malawi offer beach-like retreats with its powder-white beaches and clear water populated by cichlid fish. Wake up to a hiker’s dream in south of Malawi with the Zomba plateau and Mt. Mulanje’s summits surrounded by puffy clouds. Take a short trip to the Scottish highlands in the North of Malawi’s Nyika Plateau.

9. Ashville, North Carolina

This southern city exudes a classic American and hipster vibe and is also home to a large population of artists. The breathtaking scenery, the delectable botanical garden, 19th century mansions, microbreweries and decadent chocolate shops make this city a swoon worthy destination. Don’t let the flash put you off because it still holds onto its roots pretty strong. Flanked by the blue ridge mountains, this mountain city has many art stops and also serves delicious classical food alongside modern delicacies.