Visit the Land of Prophets and Sahabas: 4 Countries, 2 Continents

8 Days Islamic Holy Land Package Ziyarath  
Jordan + Palestine + Israel + Egypt (Asia + Africa)


Visit the Land of Prophets and Sahabas

8 Days Islamic Holy Land Package Ziyarath

4 Countries / 2 Continents Visit:Palestine, Israel, Jordan & Egypt (Asia & Africa)

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  • Jumma Prayers at Al Aqsa Masjid
  • Dome of Rock, Buraq Masjid
  • Ashabul Kahf
  • Dead Sea – ruins of people of Lut
  • Mount Sinai

Visit Memorials of Prophets & Sahabas

  • Ibrahim
  • Ishaq
  • Yaqoob
  • Yusuf
  • Dawood
  • Moosa
  • Haroon
  • Shoaib
  • Zaid ibn Harithah
  • Ja'far ibn Abi Talib
  • Abdullah ibn Ruwahah
  • Salman Farisi
  • Hazrat Maryam
  • Imaam ShafiRahmatullah
  • Hazrat Hussein


  • Round Trip Group Fare Air Ticket
  • Jordan, Palestine, Israel, & Egypt Visa
  • Continental Food (Buffet Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
  • 3 Star Hotel Accommodation (Twin / Child Triple Sharing)
  • Site seeing at famous locations
  • Accompanied by a Tour Manger well versed in English, Urdu and most Indian Languages
  • Accompanied by an Islamic Scholar well versed in Urdu & Arabic in the light of Qur'an and Hadees
  • Accompanied by a Local Guide from each Country. Well versed in English & Arabic.

Not Included

  • Entry Fee to Royal Mummies in Cairo Museum (EGP 150)
  • Guides and Driver Tips (3 Sets of Buses) = $10 x 3
  • Stopover Charges / Air Ticket changes
  • Travel Insurance

Cost Details

3 Star Hotel or above:Twin Adult Sharing Accommodation

Adult Fare Child Below 2 Years Without Bed Child between 2 - 12 Years


5% Tax


5% Tax


5% Tax

Petra Inclusion will cost (optional) Rs. 13000 Extra.

Note: Above rates are calculated at INR 65 per USD. Foreign Exchange rates difference will be applicable at the time of travel.

Indian Passport valid for at-least 8 months, 2 blank pages. Scanned Passport Copy, white Background photo.
Minimum Booking Amount Rs. 50,000/- Balance within 25 days before travel date.
Cancellation Charges:70% before 20 days of travel. 100% within 20 days of travel. Actual expense to be paid in case of Visa rejection Individuals who require GST / K3 Tax bill should inform and share their Personal GST details at the time of booking. No later claims

Flight Details

16 APR 2019 Bangalore Muscat WY 282 10:10 12:30
16 APR 2019 Muscat Amman WY 413 14:45 17:05
24 APR 2019 Cairo Muscat WY 408 00:45 06:35
24 APR 2019 Muscat Bangalore WY 283 08:50 13:40


Day 1: Arrival Airport – Amman Islamic tour

After arrival at Queen Alia International Airport, transfer to Amman, Drive south stop to visit the Seven Sleepers Cave, (mentioned in the Qur’an) as the place where seven people slept during the reign of Diocletian from the third to the sixth century. Visit to King Abdullah Mosque. It is a perfect sample of modern Islamic architecture. Visit Al-Hussein Mosque in the Down town. It was built by king Abdullah in 1924 on the spot of an ancient mosque (640 AD). Then visit new King Hussein Mosque (west of Amman). A picturesque site and huge building win your heart. The mosque looks very effective in the evening. Here there is a Historical Museum which contains unique documents relating to the history of Islam. Return to Amman. Dinner and overnight in Amman.

  • Al-Hussein Mosque
  • Ashabul Kahf (Cave of 7 Sleepers)


Day 2: Amman – Shuhada Moutah visit, Petra* – Amman

Breakfast at the hotel, hen continue to visit Kerak, the most significant and the fiercest battle fought during Prophet Mohammad's lifetime was the Battle of Mutah (629 AD). It also took the lives of his closest companions, martyred fighting against a combined Byzantine/Ghassanid army. You can visit the tombs of the venerable companions Zaid ibn Harithah, Ja'far ibn Abi Talib, and Abdullah ibn Ruwahah in the town of Al-Mazar Al-Janubi near Kerak. After visit transfer to Amman for overnight.

  • Battle Field of Moutah
  • Tombs of Zaid ibn Harithah, Ja'far ibn Abi Talib, and Abdullah ibn Ruwahah
  • Petra (If Subscribed and paid)


Day 3: Amman – Tomb of prophet Shuaib - Allenby – Jerusalem – Bethlehem

Visit the Tombs of famous Sahabis (Companions of Prophet Muhammed). Then continue to visit the mosque and Memorial Park of Shuaib. After visit transfer to Allenby for Recross border to Holy Land.

  • Abu Obeida ibn el Jarrah R.A.
  • Shrahbil ibn Hasnah R.A.
  • Moa'th ibn Jabal R.A.
  • Dirar ibn el Azwar R.A.
  • Memorial Park of Shuaib A.S.
  • Cross the Israel Border


Day 4: Jerusalem – Bethlehem

After breakfast start the day visit the Tombs: Dawood A.S. enter Old City; Jumma prayer at Al Aqsa Mosque.   Transfer to Hotel for dinner and Overnight in Bethlehem.

  • Al Aqsa Mosque - Noon Prayer
  • Dome of Rock
  • Buraq Masjid
  • Al Aqsa Basement (Mehrab of Zachariah)
  • Tomb off Al-Hind – Mohammed Ali Jauhar
  • Tomb of David
  • Temple Mount
  • Sepulcher Church
  • Wailing Wall (Western Wall)
  • Mount of Olives, Mount of Zion
  • Salman-ul Farisi and Rabiat-ul Adeviye
  • Hebron (Masjid Ibrahimi)
  • Ibrahim, Yaqub, Yusuf, Ishaq & their spouses


Day 5: Jerusalem – Bethlehem – Taba border

After breakfast drive to Bethlehem (Beyt-ul Rahim) and visit the birthplace of Prophet Jesus. Continue towards the Dead Sea Area, the lowest place on Earth. Stop on the way at Nebi Musa for the noon prayer.
Continue to Israel – Egypt Border. (Taba Border). Our representative will be present at the Border in order to assist with luggage control, security procedures and departure formalities. Over night at Hotel In Sinaï, St.Catherine

  • Church of Nativity
  • Birth Place of Jesus
  • Jerricho
  • Dead Sea


Day 06 :St. Catherine, Cairo

Descend and drive to Cairo. On the way visit Ouyun Moosa, burning Bush, Cow relief, tomb of prophet Haroon, Suez Tunnel.

  • Ouyun Moosa
  • Mount Sinai
  • Suez Tunnel
  • Tomb of prophet Haroon


Day 07: Pyramids, Museum - Cairo

Tour to the great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and Valley of Temple. Egyptian Museum. Al Hussein Mosque

  • Pyramids of Giza
  • Sphinx
  • Egypt Museum
  • Al Hussein Mosque


Day 08: River Nile, Imam Shafi, Midnight Flight Departure

Early Morning Ride Over River Nile. Citadel of Saladin Ayoobi, masjid of Muhammed Ali Pasha, Al Azhar University. Visit to the most famous Mosques in Cairo. Al Hussein, NafisaMasrya, Amro ben AS, Imam Shafi R.A).

  • Morning River Nile Boat ride
  • Egypt Perfume Factory / Papyrus Factory
  • Imam Shafi
  • Citadel of Saladin Ayoobi
  • NafisaMasrya
  • Amro Bin As
  • Masjid of Muhammed Ali Pasha
  • Shopping time @ Carrefour
  • Arrive at Cairo Airport for Departure to India. 

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