Holy Land Package

10 days
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This holyland package will take you touring across Africa and Asia to 4 of its countries with a vast Islamic history. Explore the pyramids of egypt, its museum and all its famous mosques. Visit masjid ul Aqsa in Israel and the tombs of many phrophets and sahabis spread across the 4 countries. Visit the gorgeous mosques at Amman too. You will also be performing prayers at famous mosques. This package includes accommodation, meals and transport throughout the tour.

Departure/ return location:India (Bangalore)

Tour duration: 10 days

Round trip air ticket Visa for Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Palestine
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Continental Buffet) Accomodation at 3 star hotel
Sightseeing at famous attractions
Gratuities for guides and drivers (optional) Stopover or flight change charges
Entry fee to Park’s and Museums Additional drinks


  • Visit the motherland of prophets and sahabas
  • Sightsee more than 30 Islamic places
  • Visit 4 countries (Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Palestine)
  • Pray at many well-known masjids
  • Visit the memorials of prophets and sahabas.
    • Ibrahim
    • Ishaq
    • Yaqoob
    • Yusuf
    • Dawood
    • Moosa
    • Haroon
    • Shoaib
    • Zaid ibn Harithah
    • Ja’far ibn Abi Talib
    • Abdullah ibn Ruwahah
    • Salman Farisi
    • Hazrat Maryam
    • Imaam ShafiRahmatullah
    • Hazrat Hussein



Day 1 Arrival at Amman | Amman Islamic Tour | Overnight at Amman

After completing all the immigration procedures upon arrival at Queen Alia International Airport you will be taken to Amman to visit King Abdullah mosque. Next, head downtown to Al Hussein Mosque and then to west Amman to the King Hussein Mosque. Visit the historical museum before returning to Amman for dinner and check in at hotel.


Day 2 Amman | Cave of 7 sleepers | Tombs of sahabas

After breakfast at your hotel, drive to the Ashabul Kahf (the cave Of The 7 sleepers). Then continue to Kerak and to the town of Al-Mazar Al-Janubi where the tombs of the prophet’s companions Zaid ibn Harithah, Ja’far ibn Abi Talib, and Abdullah ibn Ruwahah exists. After that, you will be taken back to Amman for the night.


Day 3 Amman | Tomb of Phrophet Shuaib | Allenby | Jerusalem

Visit the Tombs of Abu Obeida ibn el Jarrah R.A., Shrahbil ibn Hasnah R.A., Moa’th ibn Jabal R.A. and Dirar ibn el Azwar R.A., the prophet’s companions. Next, visit the Memorial grounds of Shuaib and tye mosque. Head to Allenby to cross to the Israeli Border. Spend the night in Bethlehem.


Day 4 Jerusalem | Bethlehem

First visit Al Aqsa mosque to perform early morning prayers and return back to hotel for breakfast. Post breakfast visit Mount olives and the tomb of prophet Dawood. Head to the old city and pray the noon prayer at Al Aqsa Mosque. Head to Al Halil (Hebron) to visit the tombs of Prophet ibrahim, ishaq, Yaqub and their families.Perform afternoon prayer at Ibrahimi Masjid. Head back to jerusalem and visit Mount zion, then the room of the last supper. Evening prayer at Al Aqsa Mosque. You will be explained about the sites around temple mount by a local guide. Mid evening prayer at Al Aqsa Mosque. Transfer to hotel for overnight stay and dinner.


Day 5 Jerusalem | Bethlehem |

Morning prayer at Al aqsa mosque followed by full tour of the Temple Mount including the old underground Mosque and the Kubbet – ul Sahra. Then continue to the old City and head to the Arab Market. Next, through Dolorosa arrive to Holy Sepulchre Church.
Afternoon prayer at Omer Mosque and hea to the Wailing Wall (Western Wall). Evening prayer at Al Aqsa Mosque then transfer to Hotel for dinner and overnight stay in Bethlehem.


Day 6 Bethlehem | Taba border

After breakfast drive to Bethlehem (Beyt-ul Rahim) and visit the birthplace of Prophet Jesus. Continue towards the Dead Sea. Stop on the way at Nebi Musa for the noon prayer.Continue to Israel – Egypt Border. (Taba Border). Our representative will be present at the Border in order to assist with luggage control, security procedures and departure formalities. Stay over night at Hotel In Sinaï.


Day 7 St Catherine |Mount Sinai | Cairo

Drive to Cairo. En route visit OuyunMoosa, burning Bush, Cow relief, tomb of prophet Haroon, Suez Tunnel.


Day 8 Cairo Pyramids | Cairo Museum

Tour to the great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and Valley of Temple. Next, visit the Egyptian Museum and Al Hussein Mosque. Stay the night at Cairo.


Day 9 Cairo

Experience an early morning ride over River Nile. Visit Citadel of Saladin Ayyobi, masjid of Muhammed Ali Pasha and Al Azhar University. Visit the most famous Mosques in Cairo. Enjoy some leisure shopping time at Carrefour.


Day 10 return to India

Arrive at Cairo International Airport for Departure to India.

Note: The itinerary metioned above may change based on flight timings or other eventualities.

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